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The company has developed rapidly since its establishment in 2000, starting with providing services for supplying equipment and production lines, installing and operating factories, supplying raw materials in addition to maintenance services for small factories.


Since its establishment in 2000, the company has developed rapidly - at the level of structure and services, as the beginning was limited to providing services to supply equipment, production lines, installation and operation of factories, supply of raw materials in addition to maintenance services for small factories Today, we are in front of a leading company in providing quality consulting services in an innovative way in the region.

مجموعة مُسوك العالمية

The company noticed many errors and gaps in the development process for new industrial projects - in particular - from the lack of efficiency and experience of the investors, as well as the lack of consulting services that suit their real need for the success of their projects at the foundation level through development and ending with operation, sustainability and post-operation services; Therefore, it was imperative to provide innovative solutions and high-quality consulting services that meet this need. Accordingly, the company provided its services under the slogan with you from planning to production.

Alokab Consulting Company


ﺷﺮﻛﺔ خدمات مهنية إﻗﻠﻴﻤﻴﺔ رائدة في ﺗﻘﺪﻳﻢ خدماتها الاستشارية للعديد من قطاعات الأعمال برؤية مختلفة، موجهة بالدرجة الأولى لنمو وتطوير الأعمال، التشغيل الإدارة، والتحول الرقمي للأعمال؛ وذلك للقطاعين الحكومي والخاص وتركز على القطاع الصناعي بخبرة تزيد عن 20 عاما ومنهجيات خاصة ومبتكرة عالمياً.

Alokab Company adopted the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the digital transformation strategy, which has become a prerequisite for raising work efficiency and quality control in order to reach sustainability Therefore, the company built its methodologies and transformed them into integrated systems that are provided through smart platforms that use the latest data analysis techniques, using data science and artificial intelligence; It has also developed globally unique high-precision analysis tools; Through it, solid strategic conclusions and decisions can be reached; All this made the company a leader in providing quality advisory services in the Middle East region, reaching the largest consulting companies (the four largest) in the world, where specialized consulting services were provided to them.

Alokab today owns a rich database that is considered a huge knowledge capital with high value, built through a wonderful team, working like a beehive, through their diverse and integrated experiences, so the company has recently been able to provide basic consulting services to the government sector with pioneering thinking and a rich experience that I derived From working with the private sector; It transferred knowledge and directed government services to the private sector more effectively and to achieve a partnership with effective success.

Eng. Nasim Zomot

Co-Founder | CEO

Company slogan

Trustworthy counselor

The company started its business with a slogan that keeps pace with its vision from the beginning, which is "find everything new" to reflect the company's vision at the time and its founding mission to develop new services that meet the actual need of the market. This was only the beginning, where the dream and the outlook were further away; Where the company has structured and crystallized its services and offered unique consulting services to the private and government sectors, and the idea of ​​work around integration in providing consulting crystallized, so the company used the slogan (With you from planning to production) to express the integration of services and keenness to support the customer in his journey from beginning to success, and with the maturity of the company In its services and mission to be a reliable reference for the quality services it provides, its slogan had to be reinvented, so it chose to have its current slogan (the consultant is trusted), which is a slogan based on a trace transmitted from our Prophet Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him, which establishes a straightforward and sustainable approach to dealing in consulting work which is Honesty and trust, so the company took upon itself this slogan as a basis for its services that solidifies the company's adherence to its vision and represents its identity.

الرؤية والرسالة

Presenting a new consulting model to the world and not providing a consulting work

Providing quality consulting services, with innovative methodologies, and modern technologies.

Creating business models and strategies appropriate to the investment environment

The company develops customized business models, and effective methodologies, through the latest technologies.

The first reference for investment databases for the public and private sectors

The company owns and develops a database rich in data necessary to analyze the investment environment and explore opportunities for all sectors.

Digital transformation .. leadership and consulting

The company adopts an effective digital transformation strategy as a solution to many technical and administrative problems of the projects; And that is within the framework of specially designed business models.


Tailored methodologies and business models built as a result of accumulated experiences; To make the sustainability of success and consistency of quality the most prominent features of the project.

The Journey of Alokab ... Challenges and Achievements

The main goal is not to reach the summit. But continue there. This vision was and will remain the message; Great challenges and obstacles, but the will and work were greater.


The beginning .. the story started here

Alokab Company was launched at the beginning of the twenty-first century, when it began to provide services to investors in the industrial field; Includes providing quotations and importing production lines, in addition to installation and maintenance. Where the company was one of the few in the region to provide such services through a work team consisting of new engineers working with great passion and a great outlook.


Industrial consulting

The company started restructuring its services to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market; By studying the market and analyzing real needs and gaps; The company then offered industrial consulting services - in particular - to provide detailed feasibility studies with a different vision, in addition to many studies and customized reports. This coincided with the start of building a huge database as a main reference for the company.


Innovative consulting services .. Integrated development

Experience increased and diversified; The company’s vision was clear, and it saw that the market does not ask for mere consultations on paper, or some recommendations over the phone. Rather, it was the need for long-term consultancy through a journey that starts from idea and opportunity to commercial operation of the project. It was a big challenge, but the effort was greater, the company was able to build an integrated package of advisory services for developing projects with a completely new vision, and the vision was customer satisfaction and providing a wonderful work experience crowned with success and sustainability.


Digital transformation

Competition is increasing; Therefore, it was necessary to improve the level and method of providing consulting services. As the company was throughout its journey very interested in using technology to facilitate its internal work, but now digital transformation has become an urgent necessity to raise work efficiency, improve quality, in addition to sustaining success Therefore, the company took an interest in this field and built smart platforms that provide quality consulting services using the latest data analysis and industrial intelligence technologies. As dealing with big data has become a daily matter, and thus custom algorithms have been built to analyze the data; To reach conclusions and decisions based on solid foundation.

Recent insights

Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies

The first pricing operations started when the ancient man made the first barter operation... But life is complicated today!
The 4th industry and its relationship to digital transformation

The 4th industry and its relationship to digital transformation

The Industrial Revolution is a name that has been repeated since ancient times, and each of its stages has different developments, until we reached the Fourth Industrial Revolution in its different form from the rest of the other revolutions, since the beginning of the eighteenth century, industrial life has witnessed a set of changes as a result of the emergence of technological devices that contributed greatly to the progress Industry.
The role of the 4th industry and digital transformation in the success of economic projects

The role of the 4th industry and digital transformation in the success of economic projects

Are you ready to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution? By consumer adoption of new technology and technological advances - in broadband networking, cloud-based computing and storage, and sensor technology, it is now driving fundamental market shifts and a new wave of digitally driven disruption.
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