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Since 1940, the world has witnessed a different boom in the world of industry as a whole, especially after the First World War, as the year 1940 represented the beginning of development and forecasting in the field of development and analysis, and the two scientists / Maqlitch and Bates have a great role in making the world go a long way in developing understanding, forecasting and analysis .

We are now entering a new era of unlimited developments. Nobody knows what the future holds for us? But all indications indicate that we are in the midst of an era of developments that will make mankind change significantly.

Also, these developments will lead to a radical change in the business map, as dependence on these developments in the future will become one of the main pillars.

These effects are represented in the applications of artificial intelligence, a term that has become in circulation among people more than ever before, so everyone asks about what will be discovered in the coming years? Of many technological devices and tools, they will do the work that humans used to do in the past.

We now see robots that have been invented, as they do the things they need in record time, and it is one of the technological developments that everyone saw that the world is going through a technological change that will change the course of humanity.

The emergence of artificial intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the branches of computer science and one of the main pillars that contribute to the industry and development of technology at the present time.

Artificial intelligence is defined as: the performance of digital machines and devices with many tasks that a person performs, including, for example, learning, thinking, and other processes that require quick mental thinking. In artificial intelligence, it seeks to achieve intelligent systems that carry out all the actions of the individual. Natural.

The beginning of artificial intelligence:

The beginning of artificial intelligence was in the first half of the twentieth century, specifically when the first testing and evaluation of intelligence for the computer was conducted, and the extent of its ability to keep pace with the human mind.

This test was done by the scientist Turing, and then the scientist Christopher invented the first program that he uses in artificial intelligence, by running a game on the computer and then developing it.

After that, the scientist Oettinger achieved an experience that was more than wonderful when he designed a computer simulation program for the shopping process that a person makes in more than one store. He was able through this simulation to identify the extent of the computer's ability to learn.

The concept of artificial intelligence was introduced in the early sixties and it is a concept that has been stuck in minds until this moment.

When did you achieve the big leap in the world of artificial intelligence?:

Artificial intelligence remained a great period without a boom since the sixties of the twentieth century, up to the eighties of the twentieth century, a new development of artificial intelligence appeared, where the first vehicle traveling through a computer was built, and then it was discovered the extent of the computer’s ability to keep up with the human being in the game of chess. This matter in 1997, especially when the computer overpowered the individual in this game, and since that time everyone began to accelerate to achieve the best in the world of artificial intelligence, reaching the twenty-first century, especially in the second millennium, where many developments in artificial intelligence were discovered, the most recent of which is the emergence of Robots that replace humans at the present time in some work, and these robots are now carrying out many human behaviors such as interacting through facial expressions, as well as locating meteorites, robots have made a huge leap in the world of artificial intelligence and no one knows to what extent We may reach him in the future.

This is the beginning of the emergence of artificial intelligence, leading to the latest developments that humanity has reached to this moment.

Types of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has several types, ranging from limited, super and general intelligence. We will get to know each one of them in detail in several important points:

First, limited artificial intelligence:

It is one of the types that do a specific job only, for example smart cars that drive self-driving,

Second, general artificial intelligence:

Of the types that have not proven any actual results until this moment, all that has been presented in general artificial intelligence is just research that remains under study, but in the event that any of the research is carried out it will achieve a breakthrough in the world of artificial intelligence, especially since all the presented research is pouring into how to implement life The human being is the exact same as the machines.

Third, super artificial intelligence:

A level of intelligence that exceeds the intelligence of a person, God will have the ability to learn, plan and communicate with others, but to this moment no one has reached proof, as it is just speaking on paper.

The importance of artificial intelligence:

Many people ask: Why is artificial intelligence important in human life? In order to answer this question, it must be clarified in a number of important points, as follows:

Continuous communication, God does not tire and does not tire of work, but it is possible to work periodically without any rest or feeling bored.

Providing all applications that help a person to continue life, through some smart systems that help a person to do the work that is difficult for him to implement, as it provides him with solutions and these applications are "phones"

Providing services: Artificial intelligence has become an important role in providing services to customers, which is a matter that many large companies depend on.

Repetition One of the most important features of artificial intelligence is that it does not tire of repeating the process that you ask of it, so it is useful for large companies that want to do any of the difficult work that needs time and effort.

Artificial Intelligence Applications:

Artificial intelligence is not represented in a specific technical field, especially as applications have become many and varied and different in use, including, for example, smart phones, as well as computers of various types, and each of these applications has purposes for it to be used.

The relationship of artificial intelligence and its applications in the business world and the digitization of companies:

Artificial intelligence has played a big role in the development of companies greatly, and reliance on it has become one of the most important pillars of the company, especially since the devices have made it easier for companies and large institutions how to develop a specific system and plan that helps in providing the company's production by saving a lot of time and effort thanks to the capabilities that Owned by artificial intelligence devices.

Artificial Intelligence is important for business by performing many important tasks as follows:

  • Store all the data and information that the company provides.

  • Helping large companies reach consumers and identify their motivations.

  • It also helps in good marketing through advertisements and marketing campaigns that the company carries out its work in artificial intelligence devices capable of reaching the largest amount of potential customers.

  • It is possible to do a customer service job.

These are some of the tasks that help companies collect as much data as possible about potential customers, and they also help in knowing the ways in which they can achieve the goals that organizations seek to achieve.