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Did you know that most major companies have employees in various countries of the world ?! This fact of working remotely has become in this era the most important means that large companies can accomplish a lot of work that they need, very quickly, and all the studies presented in this field confirm that by 2025, remote work will be the main method for many companies. .

In this article, we will explain many details about remote training and its importance for different companies, and how did training and remote work solve many of the problems that these companies faced?

Distance Training:

It is a type of training that is obtained through the home, as many courses that a person obtain through the Internet are offered, and it is aimed at people who work from home, far from the company or site that they are targeting.

The distance training is done through direct communication on the Internet and e-learning tools.

Distance Training:

It is considered the most recent form of training, as it depends on methods that help in identifying all training and needs, and it also depends on information technology in communicating with the trainers and administrative staff.

It is a new method of education that depends primarily on modern means of communication, whether it is computers or the availability of a communication network on social media sites that help in the delivery of information to the learner in the simplest form and in a quick time and less effort.

Do we need remote training ?:

Many people prefer to receive education through social media, and therefore resort to remote education, and this means that the recipient will be in one place and the teacher in another place, so remote training needs high technologies in which the recipient can receive information easily.

The answer to the question that we ask is the extent of the individual’s need for distance education. If you need to take many courses that help you develop in your field and need time, you can use remote training, as it saves you the time and effort that you need and thus you will You get the courses that you will need and then achieve the development in the work you do, and remote training helps you in developing relationships with others.

The benefit to the individual from distance training:

Distance training brings many benefits to the person who receives these courses, and among the benefits that can accrue to the individual from distance training are a number of important points as follows:

  • · Distance training provides a level of high quality training.

The individual acquires through him the largest possible number of tests that help increase his experience. The many tests that the trained person is exposed to makes him aware of many things in the field of work.

It helps to create a good employee, who has experience and competence, and works to develop employee behavior through commitment and teaching how to use work time in the interest of the company or institution.

One of the most important benefits that remote training achieves is that it provides training courses at reasonable and comfortable prices, which makes many people apply for these courses.

Work to provide the individual's competence in different fields, and this is what remote training achieves with ease.

  • Distance training provides the best training opportunities in many different locations.

These benefits that remote training brings to you, it provides you with a set of important courses that help you in the field of work and helps to make a lot of money while you are at home without going to work.

  • Accounting courses.

  • Courses in Business Administration.

  • Courses in human development.

  • Courses in Marketing and Sales.

  • Courses in hospital management and the medical field.

  • Provide a course in e-marketing.

  • Provide a course in obtaining quality management.

  • Courses in human resource management.

  • Provides you with a distance training course in the field of media.

  • Provides many courses in real estate development and real estate management.

  • Distance education helps you in how to manage large institutions such as hotels and restaurants.

This is a group of courses that remote training provides for you to benefit from all areas of life, it helps you gain experience and competence in many different fields, for this it is of great importance to many individuals interested in achieving the best results in their field of work, despite the availability All information about remote training, but it goes through many difficulties.

Challenges and difficulties facing distance training:

There is nothing that has achieved success in this world unless it has gone through many difficulties and problems that it faces in the beginning. Difficulties create good success. Therefore, distance training has gone through many important difficulties and challenges, including the following:

  • Many people have doubted about remote training, especially as they attributed it to it being impersonal.
  • Spacing, as many see that it does not achieve good interaction between people.
  • Distance training causes some barriers, which affects the correct delivery of information.

These are the most prominent difficulties and problems facing distance training, and for this reason, remote training needs someone to prove the extent of efficiency and ability to create better communication than direct communication, and this is what he seeks always.

Forms of distance training:

For remote training, there are a number of important forms that are carried out, and from these forms the following:

Personal learning: one of the forms in which the course is taken in person via the Internet, which enables a person to learn how he needs it.

One of the most important forms that the distance training takes is videoconferencing, which is one of the most powerful means